The Collaborative Approach

Industries / Energy and Utilities

Globalization is driving the need for a secure, affordable energy supply. Consumption increases and volatile fuel costs coupled with a major focus on the environment present the energy and utility companies with some of the most significant challenges that this industry has ever faced. Economic development is dependent on sufficient sources of energy - oil, gas, electricity, coal, and others. The availability and security of these resources are on the minds of many, from consumers, to political leaders, to company executives.

Collaborative Software Initiative understands without collaboration a shared vision will not be created. Collaborative Software Initiative brings together like-minded entities that are open to the collaborative model (an open and inclusive process), to work together as subject matter experts, to establish a collective vision, to determine the scope and priorities to execute against the vision, to meet regularly, to guide the project, and to share the cost of the project amongst the group.

Energy and utility companies will need to cope with a vast array of new policies, technologies, and initiatives ranging from renewable energy resources to the intelligent grid. Utilities will need to continue to address climate change, assist customers in controlling their energy costs, improve the quality of service, adapt to changes in the generation technologies, and drive profitable growth. There is a need to collaborate across the utility network--from generation, to transmission, to distribution, to customers.

The innovations capable of addressing the specific challenges inherent in transforming the energy and utilities industries will require collaboration. Collaborative Software Initiative is developing applications with subject matter experts who are passionate about solving their problems collaboratively, supported by our program managers and developers. If you would like to learn how your organization could benefit from the CSI collaborative process, please accept this invitation to join one of our existing core teams or lead one of your own.
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