Collaborative Software Initiative Releases Citizen-Centric Public Health Application and Community

September 16, 2008 - Portland, OR

TriSano™ Provides Open Source Surveillance and Outbreak Management System Offered Under AGPLv3 License

Collaborative Software Initiative, the company that brings like-minded organizations together to work collaboratively on software at a fraction of the cost, announces the launch of TriSano™, a public health application and community. TriSano™ is an open source, citizen-focused surveillance system for infectious disease management. It is designed so that it can be expanded to cover environmental hazards, bioterrorism, and outbreak management. TriSano™ allows local, state and federal entities to track, control and ultimately prevent illness and death. It also provides a forum where Subject Matter Experts (i.e., epidemiologists, doctors, nurses, and health informaticists) and software developers work together to create these critically needed public health software applications.

“Public health software has traditionally been built from the top down, not from the bottom up,” said Stuart Cohen, CEO, Collaborative Software Initiative. “The TriSano™ project puts the power into the hands of the people who are dealing with infectious disease, bio-terrorism and the spread of air/water/food-borne illnesses - all of which pose a significant threat to the health of our country. They are the ones who have a real stake in improving this process and with TriSano™ they now have influence over how these life-saving applications are created.”

With TriSano™, subject matter experts in the public health community collaborate on solutions that meet the requirements of their specific state government and local health programs, fulfilling the promise of protecting their citizens, while remaining compliant with mandates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“TriSano™ addresses an urgent need of public health departments at the local, state and federal levels to fight the spread of infectious disease,” said Dr. Robert Rolfs, MD, State Epidemiologist, State of Utah Department of Health. “By hosting the TriSano™ open source project, Collaborative Software Initiative is building an open source community that has a shared interest in improving citizens’ health by collecting and managing data to better address infectious disease outbreaks and meet CDC compliance requirements.”

“By offering the code under the widely-used AGPLv3 license, Collaborative Software Initiative gives the user community the assurance of knowing that the code can be modified, customized and shared in a low-friction way to suit their very specific project requirements,” said Eben Moglen, Director of the Software Freedom Law Center and co-author of the user-empowering license. “AGPLv3 was written as a roadmap to foster the most open, transparent and collaborative open source and free software communities possible. Collaborative Software Initiative’s use of AGPLv3 for TriSano™ is a perfect example of its value for businesses, governments, and cutting-edge software developers.”

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