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QM for SIG


Collaborative Software Initiative offers the most flexible and capable solution for service provider management and self-assessment

CSI's Questionnaire Manager for SIG (QM for SIG) , formerly known as CSI SIG, is a multi-user web application that allows rapid response to, and assessment of the Shared Assessments Program Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire. QM for SIG is built on proven, industry standard, open source technologies making it the most flexible and capable solution for service provider management and self-assessment.

Service provider self-assessment data must be analyzed to determine the level of risk a service provider poses. Enabling a smooth flow of data, with optional encryption, from the service provider to the evaluating institution and back again is absolutely critical to an effective service provider assessment process. Data gathered using QM for SIG is exportable in a standards-compliant XML format making it simple and easy to import into any operational risk management application that can process XML documents. QM for SIG enables institutions and their service providers to quickly, easily, and securely exchange data.

Attributes of QM for SIG

  • Support for SIG versions 4.0 through 6.2
  • Easy to Use Web Interface
  • Simultaneous Multi-User access
  • Excel SIG to XML SIG conversion
  • Centralized database
  • Open Standard XML Format
  • Version Control
  • User Customizable Roles
  • Workflow Capabilities
  • Data security encryption
  • Supports a company and their service providers in a single system
  • Supports a service provider and their customers in a single system
  • Supports output in XML and PDF formats
  • Low cost subscription model with commercial support
  • Rapid deployment models: on site or Software as a Service (SaaS)

"As vital players in the financial industry, DTCC and our subsidiaries must be at the forefront in achieving the highest standards on regulatory and compliance issues."

Donald F. Donahue Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, DTCC

"Maintaining information privacy compliance has emerged as a principal board room issue. Compromised data can damage your brand, dilute your stock price, infuriate your customers, and place you on the wrong side of regulations governing the protection of sensitive information."

Joseph DeSalvo Chief Security Officer Iron Mountain

"One of the biggest expenses banks have right now is in the area of compliance, specifically because the networks are not linked together."

Jim Hughes CEO Unity Bancorp, Inc.

"Only about 25 percent of banks and other financial institutions are trying to roll their initiatives together, which is a shame because, in a way, it's an easy fix. You would have one overall compliance risk program instead of everyone doing their own thing."

French Caldwell Research VP Gartner

"Further improving our compliance is the highest priority of the bank."

Rijkman Groenink former Chairman of the Managing Board of ABN AMRO

"Each year, the Shared Assessments Program tools evolve to keep pace with changes in the privacy, security and business continuity environment, one of the main areas of focus in Version 5.0 is giving companies much-needed tools evaluate security and data controls in cloud and SaaS environments."

Catherine A. Allen Chairman and CEO of The Santa Fe Group
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